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  2. That sucks that Carson Daly is more concerned about his own job than anything else. I’m pretty sure he’s not hurting for cash. Definitely great about Conan and I really hope Jay Leno follows in Conan’s footsteps. Especially since I’m voting for Jay instead of Ellen in the best talk show host category for The People’s Choice Award, due to strike behavior. That’s very cool that David Letterman is also paying his staff as well.

  3. Kus su tütreke siis on samal ajal kui ringi rokid? (Tegelikult olen lihtsalt kade..) Meenub see, kui mina rinnaga toitmise ajal kuskil rokkimas käisin, pidin iga natukese aja tagant kuskil avalikus peldikus ennast lüpsmas käima, hommikul ärkasin piimaloigus… ja oi kui tüütu see oli. Lõpuks enam lihtsalt ei viitsinudki juua.

  4. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

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  6. · And Heather! (we commented at the same time) Yay for liking tomatoes! Growing my own helped me in a big way with the same thing. Now I love them on stuff. There seems to be a theme: doing it yourself makes it easier to appreciate the food or results maybe? Hmm.

  7. Oh my goodness! I can’t say I’ve ever run nearly that far, but I know that “I’m going to say I’m fine just because I can’t stand the thought of this person needing to help me and I think I’m going to lose it in an ugly cry kind of way” feeling. I’m so sorry you had to go through that!

  8. Ok… So what are the projected numbers in new restaurants and employment. And how do you deal with the issue of BYOB in a place with a wine license, but someone wants to bring beer or spirits?

  9. Men det vet jeg jo ikke noe om, for jeg har jo ikke lom Kunzelmann og Kunzelmann…., men en gang skal jeg jo det, og da vil jeg kanskje se likhetene.

  10. I was talking with some people in the White House a little while ago. They are all so upbeat about statements B.O. is going to be making within the hour about earmark reform. They seem so very pleased with themselves that “starting next year things will be different,” right after they waste $410 billion on this omnibus spending bill. They really are idiots. Disingenuous ones at that. Bush was a threat to liberty by seeking police-state powers and B.O. is a danger to liberty by fiscal irresponsibility. God help us, we seem unwilling to do it ourselves.

  11. she thinks gay marriage is the civil rights fight of her generation. HAHAHAHA. My my, how the notion of civil rights has changed.Silly lil' ole white youngins–looking for something to fight for as if their whole lil' self-esteem rested on it.How about they look to some serious stuff. Talk about pampered youth.

  12. Lo mejor fué el no coments de las (0s) quejonas (es) de fb y tw. Hay caxao que después de eso hay una infinidad de post así como “que te pasó” “ánimo” bla bla bla…..eso es bueno, porque como uno sabe que esa persona se siente apoyada….(eso es lo que quería)….lo terrible es ver como a alguien no le escribe ni su viejo….:(Saludosss a todoss!!Ps: Muy weno el post de la maga

  13. Thanks JAB! Glad you liked the article. We checked out your site too. Great design/illustration work! Loved the "dinosaur extinction theories". Cheers! S&TM

  14. In my case, I hate doing the thing I’m good at, so I guess it’s kind of the same feeling.I think people who can make a living doing something they love are either lucky or smart – or both. Whatever it is, I’m neither.

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  29. cat:No, looking for racism is not what warms me up. What warms me up is ignorant, callous, cold-hearted, people who lack compassion for their fellow-human beings, who are full of hate. But it doesn't warm me up as in the definition of heat type of warmth, but warms me up with a hotter than fish grease anger that makes me want to slap them upside down backwards!Now! How is that for some warmth?

  30. · the only alcohol-tampering i’ve ever done was with homemade absinthe, and…well, let’s just say we didn’t see the green fairy. my buddy doug makes an amazing hot buttered rum tho!.-= jason´s last blog .. =-.

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  32. I’d just like to acknowledge your highly literary use of the spelling “DAMNIT!”, where most of us lowbrow types would use the more plebian “DAMMIT!”. And Rick Mercer is FTW, IMHO, etc.

  33. Going by how many Dems I know who say they will vote for Mac, I’ve been feeling hopeful about our state but I also know that two-thirds of the population lives in Portland metro area and are not like us rural types at all.

  34. ha, at first I thought you meant recognizing someone on the street or something. I saw this off-off-off broadway play one time, and about a year later I passed this woman walking down the street and I was like “I know here from somewhere.” It took me two days to figure out that she was in this play, but now looked completely different.

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  38. Thanks Alex. Yes I too have not experienced a mossy ‘floor’ like that yet, but a back-country-hiker friend described a place just like that photo. Maybe you and I will both find such a place someday

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  50. I think in order for the American people who voted for Obama 2nd time around need to really feel the pain and suffer…I'm sure there are people out there who voted for Obama still have job in the private sector that will soon lose it. If the pain isn't extreme with higher gas/energy/food prices…people will not wake up. There is a good reason this president was re-elected…to teach the American people a tough lesson in voting with your brain not skin color or race.

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